Hospital construction and renovation

ClinicServ., partner of the NOWA group can look back to 30 years of experience as a highly skilled and specialized renovating company. For you, we are a partner in the field of general contractor, building activity and consulting. A strong world-wide cooperation provides a secure project management.

We offer you absolute control over the building/renovating process by interlinking all participants in the project. This means that you have access to any data and to any activities at any given moment. In this way, the processes of decision-making are cut, short and a completion on schedule can be guaranteed.

While the facility is in service, we manage to do a complete renovation for you. With regard to quality, you can choose from different standards (hotel standard etc.) The renovation can be carried out room by room or station by station.

Our philosophy: The patient should feel like the guest of a hotel – and not like a number. To make this concept work for every hospital, we offer you a financial planning of 10-15 years.