Communication systems in hospitals


The answer to the question how the growing demand for quality in times of increasingly tight budgets can be fullfilled means a great challenge to the management of the hospital.

The solution to the seemingly existing contradiction between quality and economic viability is also to be found in the optimization of the working processes going on inside the hospital. In this context, new communication systems have an important function.They facilitate administrative and nursing tasks. In this way, time and effort are reduced and the staff has more time for the essential tasks, i.e., to take care of the patient`s (customer`s) well-being and healing process.

ClinicServ. offers you customer-specific full-range solutions designed exactly according to the demands of the hospital. These systems include:

- modern nurse-call systems
- intranet solutions
- account systems
- multi-media systems for doctors and
- media terminals at the patients bed
- facility management systems
- security systems (fire alarm, video
..supervision, access control, etc.)

Our systematic solutions are multi-compatible and based on an open system structure that allows the extension or replacement of systems/modules at any given moment.