Hospital Management Systems

ClinicServ has, with the help of its partners, developped a software for the management of hospitals that is made of modules and can be designed according to the needs of the hospital.



- digital patient file
- patient directing-system
- therapy-planning
- diagnosis-recording
- cost-unit-recording
- kitchen/menu-planning
- patient's service
- account manager

Stationary working place

- Duty roster design
- Nursing-plan
- Ordering of material
- Admission/dismission

Medical services
- Operation planning/documentation
- Laboratory administration
- Therapy management
- Organization of documents
- digital dictating system


- Account management
Farbe Financial planning

The system is fully integrated into the existing technical infrastructure of the hospital and can be combined with all existing communication systems in hospitals. That is why the system can be implemented with little expenditure and the system is available after a short period of time.
HERMES increases the attractiveness of your hospital and opens new sources of income, facilitates administrative processes and increases the quality of the nursing service